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I am so super happy to announce Vanilla Way’s new program within the field of collaboration research, networking and life-long learning:

The Dragon Dreaming Collaboration Incubator.

This series of practitioner workshops is the results from almost 7 years of field work of applying, testing, teaching, researching and further developing the so-called “Dragon Dreaming” – a philosophy and technology for project design, which is inspired by ancient wisdom, system-theory and change management.


We are continuously fascinated by Dragon Dreaming, as it serves a more integrative, community and requirement-oriented work culture, that is driven by purpose. The attitude and process facilitates the process of allowing the development of community driven projects and quick change. It therefore enables to have failures early and succeed more rapidly. Dragon Dreaming supports the release of hidden dynamics, whereby it unleashes the creativity of a group and as a result leads to empowered, collaborative leadership.

The facilitating process of group-projects with Dragon Dreaming is tremendously rewarding. It feels like being able to assist a process of birth and death – all at once. A facilitator helps groups to observe previously ignored facts without adding drama, to consider and appreciate the past while paving the path for the future. The future hereby is the vision of their project, their dream. As soon as a collective dream is put on paper , together with all the necessary information, like objectives, tasks, responsibilities, timing and budget – which are decided upon collectively –, then and only then is there space for commitment to happen. The moment commitment happens, is the moment when the collective project is born truly – even if it has already existed for a few years.

Despite this hymn of praise, it has been a long time since we have been teaching it. Why? Despite Dragon Dreaming’s capacity of simplifying extremely complex things… Read the full article on

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