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Konferenz für eine Bessere Welt, 18.-19. August, Hamburg

DENKEN, TRÄUMEN, LERNEN, WANDELN – so lauten die Themen der Konferenz für eine bessere Welt. In diesen 4 Bereichen finden unterschiedliche Angebote statt, die Teilnehmer genau an der Stelle abholen, an denen sie mit ihrem  Projekt für eine bessere Welt gerade stecken. * Auf der Konferenz gibt es in einer Doppelsession die Möglichkeit Social Presencing…

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Article: Vision Quest and the Role of Nature

VISION QUEST The role of nature in supporting personal transitions by Manuela Bosch   *                                                                                                                           In the course of a lifetime, people have to cope with different transitions between life stages and social conditions, for example: from childhood to adulthood, being single to being in a partnership, between traveling from one place and arriving…

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Dragon Dreaming Intro am 13. April in Berlin

Und bald schon steht das nächstes FACILITATE CHANGE-Event an: Eine Einführung in die Facilitation-Methode Dragon Dreaming mit mir! Du kannst Dir auf EVENTBRITE Dein Ticket sichern.    

Social Presencing Theater Berlin Practice Days

Join our meet-up group to keep up to date about SPT practice day events in Berlin in Spring and Fall.      

Vision Quest 2018

Es gibt dieses Jahr wieder eine Betula & Mamabuche Visionssuche in Klein Hundorf, geführt durch Manuela Bosch, Schwitzhütte und Gebetstanz mit Dana Richter und Unterstützt vom Betula & Mamabuche Stamm. MEHR ERFAHREN HIER geht es zu einem Artikel über Visionssuche und die Rolle der Natur   //eng This year there will be again a Betula…

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Arunachala Team Retreat 2019 | South India

After our successful prototype of Around Arunachala in February 2018, it turns out that this is the ideal excursion for existing small teams of 3 to 5 people to go through an extraordinary nourishing, consciousness expanding experience together and to retreat in the original sense of the term = to seek spiritual sanctuary in a…

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Collaboration Incubator

MAY 11-13 & OCTOBER 5-7 – BERLIN, GERMANY JUNE 15-17 & OCTOBER 26-28 – SAN FRANCISCO, USA *** // 3-DAYS TO… Improve your leadership skills Collaborate better Connect with likeminds Clarify your path in the Service of the Earth and Humanity *** // 3-DAYS FOR… Community organizers, interested to learn methods to include diverse cultural…

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Article: Coming out | Dragon Dreaming Practitioner

I am so super happy to announce Vanilla Way’s new program within the field of collaboration research, networking and life-long learning: . The Dragon Dreaming Collaboration Incubator. . This series of practitioner workshops is the results from almost 7 years of field work of applying, testing, teaching, researching and further developing the so-called “Dragon Dreaming”…

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Betula & Mamabuche Vision Quest, Northern Germany, 2017

INTENTION WORK & VISION QUEST 4 days and 4 nights, solo, fasting, inside in mother nature. Intention-work and accompanied solo-ritual for a transition and initiation into a new cycle in life and the power of the vision. 26.7.-2.8.2017 Klein Hundorf, Mecklenburg, Germany Guided by Manuela Bosch & Friends Download PDF of Program english & german…

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Around Arunachala – India Excursion 2018

Arunachala is calling! 12th to 23rd of February 2018 Invitation to a joint expedition to a place of transformative power, the mountain Arunachala in South India. Around Arunachala is a vision of going on a journey together in a group of friends and likeminded people. We like to invite you to a place that calls us…

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