Facilitation & Consulting


To find out if you are working on the right thing, with the right people at the right place and time –

alignment of individual purpose with purpose of your team an your project –

design a strategy to bring your vision it to the world.

My facilitation & coaching services focus on the integration of three aspects.

Your self-leadership capacity.
Your inter-personal relationships.
Project design and governance.


I facilitate the emergence of a collective vision & values, creating space for honest group-communication, crystallizing purpose & principles, enabling fast failing and action learning through management & governance structure and strategy prototyping and community building through the art of celebration.
Inspired by the meta-frameworks Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Theory U and many many other practical processes that call forth powers of conciousness based change and collaboration.


“Words that inspire me to Manuela’s work style: respectful, breathing, holds the main thread, believes in the advancement that one senses and helps, goal-oriented, grounded, feedback-guided, value-free.” M.L.

“We have experienced beautiful surprises in creative ways of collaboration.” H.J. 

“An interpersonal conflict has been resolved, which was a burden for the group very much. No one wanted to work with the topic before, but Manuela guided us safely (with new methods for us). She has kept the room well and at the right moment set breaks or even ended processes.” N.K.

“We have quickly achieved something good, which still exists today. Sustainability!” S.O.

“Manuela Bosch manages to support one in formulating what is really important to one. Tracking the right goal is a great help if you start a new venture. Then the big adventure feels safe and right.” F.A.

“In addition to the practical goals that were achieved, there were also valuable personal insights that were not “on the agenda” for me.” S.H

“If you like to get to the heart of your project quickly, do it with Manuela.” S.O.


“In einer Phase des Wandels konnte Manuela helfen, in unserer Gemeinschaft Klarheit und Ausrichtung herzustellen. Ihre wache Einfühlung, Wissen und Erfahrung; die Mischung aus Pragmatismus und Intuition waren uns eine starke Unterstützung.” P.J.



Pre: process-design according to your group’s individual burning questions

/1,5-3 day off-site seminar, and/or
/3 hrs locally facilitated sessions

Optional: further support within the Vanilla Way community structures

economic exchange

Rate for organisations (excl. VAT):

1.480,- Euro / day – Germany (for profit)

800,- Euro / day – Germany (not for profit)

2.480,- USD / day – USA (for profit)

1.000,- USD / day – USA (not for profit)

/other countries on request


Community rate, Germany (Selbstzahler):

Per participant, from 4 participants upwards:
/48,- euros (incl. VAT) for a 3h workshop and

Per participant, from 5 participants upwards:
/144,- Euro (incl. VAT) for a 1,5-day workshop

/220,- Euro (incl. VAT) for a 3-day workshop
+ cost of the place and food
+ investment from your side for preparation and follow-up in organization, communication, documentation and then make something with the “result”.

/other countries’ fees on request


The reservation of an appointment is valid with a deposit of 50 percent of the amount.

We are prepared to go with you into a process around money and explore further possibilities, if you wish.

booking via

info@vanillaway.netwww.vanillaway.net | +49 30 5888 2404 or Contact Form

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