Guidance & Training


Throughout my personal learning journey I received some truly transformative gifts.
Gifts informing our wisdom, knowledge, social technologies and ancient processes.
Gifts empowering to get answers to most challenging questions.

I feel the call to pass on what is profoundly supporting me. The medicine that is given to me. The practice that reveals a deeper understanding of my greater possibilities here and now.


Transcend boundaries through
combining and integrating

  • Presence
  • Systems thinking
  • Mind-writing
  • Rapid-feedback-loops
  • Group-intelligence
  • Sharings
  • Sculpting
  • Embodyment
  • Ritual
  • Nature-solos
  • & The Magic of just Being



Interventions and seminars from one afternoon up to several days, titled i.e.

  • /Around Arunachala
  • /Dragon Dreaming
  • /Presencing Walk
  • /Social Presencing Theater
  • /Vision Quest

Check my calendar for offers and dates, and get in touch if you would like to host something.

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