Retreats & Trainings


I feel called to pass on what has been and still is profoundly supporting me and that helped me to get answers to most complex questions in life.
Gifts in form of social technologies based upon creativity, spiritual practices, somatic techniques, community experiences and access to space, land and wisdom.


In my workshops I am seeking to integrate work with

  • Self-organization
  • Collaborative decissions
  • Distributed governance
  • Somatic and meditation practices
  • Rituals and nature in some form
  • Vision and strategy design
  • Writing and clustering
  • Quality breaks
  • Good food
  • Extraordinary places


Retreats, Workshops & Excursions


Vision Quest

(Northern Germany)

rite de passage in the wilderness


Around Arunachala

(Southern India)

team retreat focussed on consciousness


Collaboration Incubator

(Berlin & San Francisco)

open value network and movement building program


Social Presencing Theater


embodied practice sessions


Dragon Dreaming Project Design

(worldwide, on demand)

workshops and trainings


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