Project & Process Design


I love humans.
I believe we can co-create a peaceful Now.
We have all the knowledge to step into our best future possibility, here and now.

But wisdom only becomes powerful when integrated into life.
So what is stopping us from living wisdom?

It’s a complex endeavour.
My personal decisions are interrelated with my family, my neighbours, my co-workers, my organization, my networks, government, law, taxes, education and health system, etc. Connected to what is happening now, what has happened in the past, our history and culture – and expectations on the future.

I’d love to take on complex problem solving puzzles.


Action Research & Project Design

  1. Question: Be clear on the intention
  2. Observation: Gain awareness about relevant aspects of complex systems.
  3. Presence: Stay in the question and live your way into the answer.
  4. Action: Us momentum to implement prototype. Fail fast and early.
  5. Harvesting: Document and integrate learning into for going forth.



Developing solutions in form of vision and mission statements, design processes, products/concepts, business models, project road-maps and governance systems which reflect a new paradigm of win-win-win.

Service on request. Write to me

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