Project & Process Design


I believe we can co-create a peaceful now.
We have all the wisdom and knowledge to step into our best future possibility.
What is stopping us?

It’s a complex endeavour.
My personal decisions are interrelated with my family, my neighbours, my co-workers, my organization, my networks, government, law, taxes, education and health system, etc. Connected to what is happening now, what has happened in the past, our history and culture – and expectations on the future.

I’d love to take on complex problem solving puzzles with you.


  1. Question: Be clear on the intention
  2. Observation: Gain awareness about relevant aspects of complex systems.
  3. Presence: Stay in the question and live your way into the answer.
  4. Action: Use momentum to implement prototype. Fail fast and early.
  5. Harvesting: Document and integrate learning into for going forth.


Developing solutions in form of vision and mission statements, design processes, products/concepts, business models, project road-maps and governance systems, reflecting a paradigm of equality, sustainabilty and personal growth.

Service on request. Contact me +49 177 3722580 &

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