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Program Vision Quest 2020 – Manuela Bosch

Program Vision Quest 2020

4 days and 4 nights, alone, fasting, deep in mother nature

Passage rite for the encounter with your innermost being

and initiation into a new phase of life

When the summer gets later, we invite you to dive into the infinite time, 
into the prosperity of being alone, into a Visions Quest.

In this tradition, you will be by yourself and fast, four days and four nights in nature. The gate to the solo time into the forest and back is the shamanic sweat lodge. The Vision Quest ritual will serve you to find your own truth and to learn from the future as it emerges.

In the months and weeks before the Quest, you will prepare yourself, become conscious of what you want to leave behind, clarify your intention. We will provide you with tasks that will help you to understand your personal intention and question better, the essence of what you want to leave behind and what you want to welcome in this new phase of life.


13.-20. August, 2020

Klein Hundorf, Mecklenburg

Guided by Manuela Bosch

Hosted by Dana Richter & the Betula & Mamabuche Tribe




The Vision Quest technology is many thousands years old and was and still is practiced all over the world. Our work is based on the essence of it: fasting food, media, social contacts and being with pure nature. The implementation of the ritual is based on what has developed in Klein Hundorf during the last years, on this piece of earth, out of this circle and out of the life of us as guides.


What am I going for?
It’s about a time to stop doing, that can be the hardest thing we can do.It’s about being alone in knowing you are deeply connected. It’s about being with nature, with Mother Earth, to understand something deep, to understand that she loves you and the love you share for her. It’s about curiosity. It’s about silence, the silence in yourself, that allows you to hear your own voice.

What exactly is your Quest? Only you know this.
You are going for a certain question, or thing, a love, a calling, your health, or simply the peculiar feeling that you want to do this. That it is time to take the next step. That you want to open yourself to the unknown, to what you can not see and touch. In nature and inside you all the answers and wisdom are contained. You give space for that.

The Vision Quest is a conscious rite of passage, in which an old life is left behind and a new life is initiated.
Your threshold into your new life phase is your four days and four nights solo ritual. There is a place in nature just for you. There you will be held. During the whole time you will be at your chosen place. The last night is the so called “night of destiny” in which you will stay awake to complete your Vision Quest in solitude.

There will be a sweat lodge before and after the quest.

Our Nordic sweat lodge is a cleansing and initiation ceremony, which was kept alive in Northern Europe, Scandinavia and finally in Iceland and from there it returned to our area. We sweat in the steam, sitting on the earth, in a dark prayer room made of branches and blankets, heated by glowing stones.

While you are in your place, people from the Betula & Mamabuche circle will be there for you, guarding the fire for you, praying and dancing – all the hours of your solo time until you return. Then you are welcomed and received back into the mother camp.


~ Welcome ~


Preparation time – from the moment you register.
When you have completed your registration – that is when we have received your written declaration of participation – your Vision Quest begins.

We will give you questions and tasks for your preparation and accompany you during this time. Part of the preparation will be the exploration of your intention. Why are you going on a Vision Quest? What is the point? What drives you? Rituals in nature and at home – to say goodbye to the old and to invite the new, enable you to meet with higher questions that are or can become alive in you. This time is also about building a “support network” that can accompany you from a distance during your solo time and welcome you when you return. Ideally, you should plan on several months for this, during which you engage with the questions and rituals from time to time and it will work within you – no matter what you do.
Seminar time – arrival August 13th, departure August 20th
The seminar takes place during a period of 7 full days. Arrival time on the first day at 1PM, departure on the last day from 2PM.
The first two days are for preparation for the solo time in the forest, in the base camp under the open sky. Further rituals during the preparation time on site, serve to sharpen the intention and prepare for the actual time of the Vision Quest.

The solo time in the forest begins on the third day of the seminar with a sunrise sweat lodge. Following four full days and nights, you will return to the camp through another sweat lodge. The last day of the seminar is dedicated to the integration of the experience.

Volunteers from our circle will be in the mother camp the whole week and support the prayer at the fire. On the night of destiny we will stay awake together with you in the forest.

Day 1  Arrival at 1PM, Preparation
Day 2  Preparation
Day 3  Sunrise Sweatlodge, First Day Solo
Day 4  Second Day Solo
Day 5  Third Day Solo
Day 6  Fourth Day Solo
Day 7  Sunrise Sweatlodge, Intergration
Day 8  Integration, departure from 2PM



Manuela Bosch is a process facilitator. She accompanies people in communities, companies and projects on their way to find their meaning and vision. Since 2015 Manuela has been leading shamanic seminars in Klein Hundorf together with Dana Richter. The basis of her work is a deeper exploration of the relationship between self-awareness and the realization of our dreams and visions. One of her foundations is the framework Dragon Dreaming. Her own spiritual practice is anchored in forms of yoga and meditation, Social Presencing Theater and Shamanic Lotusheart Meditation. Her greatest teacher is nature itself, not only the pure wilderness, but also the daily human existence in the jungle of the city. Manuela lives in Berlin and is internationally active. Manuela is guiding the overall Vision Quest.


Dana Richter is an alternative practitioner, shamanic singer and healer. She leads and teaches system and family constellations. With her work she accompanies people on their way to connection and reconnection with themselves, their very own nature and the greatest possibility. Dana follows the “Path of the North”, she had early encounters with the spiritual forces of the local nature. For Betula & Mamabuche she is now in her sixth year of leading seminars with sweat lodges and systemic work for the festivals Beltane, Samhain and Candlemas. She has been living in Klein Hundorf for 29 years, practicing locally around Berlin and in Norway. In this Vision Quest she keeps our two sweat lodges and supports the whole venture on all levels.



The Quest will take place in the nature preserved landscape of the community village Klein Hundorf in western Mecklenburg. There is the forest, where Mamabuche stands, a large red beech, which gave our seminar its name. On a higher paddock will be our base camp and those who go on the Vision Quest can find their places in the forest, at the edge of the forest, in the meadow or in the hedges and bushes. The area has a rich flora and fauna. For a long time, shamanic, ecological and holistic work has been done here. Already more than 6,000 years ago, the Hun people, who gave the village its name, lived here. The ruins of their stone tombs can still be found nearby.



We offer a sliding scale for the seminar fee within the scope of our possibilities to enable people with different prerequisites to participate. We have not established any specific criteria for evaluation, but trust that each individual will pay what feels right.

We charge a seminar fee for accompanying the individual process from the time of registration until the end of the seminar on site in Klein Hundorf, as well as for the sweat lodge work, materials and infrastructure on site from 530 to 875 Euros, as a sliding scale.

This also includes organic full board for the time you don’t fast. The food is prepared for us by organic gardener Gunta Zvidrina and is mostly grown and harvested in Klein Hundorf.

Not included is your journey to Klein Hundorf (at 19205 Gadebusch, you can take the train to Holdorf (Meckl)), and your equipment for the time in the forest (sleeping bag, mat, tarps, rain trousers, etc.). A detailed packing list will be provided for you. We are happy to advise you on risks and health restrictions. The Vision Quest is for adults over 18 years of age.

A non-refundable and non-transferable fee of 210 Euros will be charged upon registration. The remaining seminar fee is payable in parts upon request.

We recommend that you register several months in advance in order to give room for the individual accompanied preparation process. The number of participants is limited.


Questions and registration for the Vision Quest via email:

& phone: +49 177 3722 580


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