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Program Vision Quest 2020

4 days and 4 nights, alone, fasting, deep in mother nature Passage rite for the encounter with your innermost being and initiation into a new phase of life When the summer gets later, we invite you to dive into the infinite time, 
into the prosperity of being alone, into a Visions Quest. In this tradition,…

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Programm Visionssuche 2020

4 Tage und 4 Nächte, alleine, fastend, drinnen in Mutternatur. Schwellenritual für die Begegnung mit dem, was Du im tiefsten Innersten bist und Initiation in einen neuen Lebensabschnitt Wenn der Sommer später wird, laden wir ein zur Visionsschau, in die Zeit des „Allein-Sein“. In der Tradition der Visionssuche werden wir 4 Tage und 4 Nächte…

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Social Presencing Theater – 60 min Virtual Sessions

A creative embodied practice to strengthen our connectivity, creativity and intuition and inspire for new perspectives in times of change. The art form and social technology Social Presencing Theater (SPT) brings together embodiment and mindfulness with group intelligence, systemic / social change with creative expression. SPT expands perception to a social fabric by directing our consciousness from action to the body and its deep knowledge. During…

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Brandon LaBelle_The Articulating Body-6019

[Article] Social Presencing Theater as tool for embodied transformative learning

Social Presencing Theater as tool for embodied transformative learning   Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is an art form and “social technology” that brings together social change with creative expression.Through a synthesis of mindfulness, creative embodied expression, and group dialogue, Social Presencing Theater directs our consciousness to our own body, as well as the social body,…

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Artikel: Visionssuche und die Rolle der Natur

Visionssuche Die Rolle der Natur bei der Unterstützung persönlicher Übergangsphasen von Manuela Bosch * Im Laufe eines Lebens haben Menschen verschiedene Übergänge zwischen Lebensstadien und sozialen Zuständen zu bewältigen, zum Beispiel: zwischen Kindheit und Erwachsensein, alleinstehend und in Lebenspartnerschaft sein, zwischen auf Reisen und an einem Ort angekommen sein, zwischen außenstehend und eingeweiht in eine…

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Social Presencing Theater – Fall 2019 Practice Sessions

****english below**** Die Kunstform und “Soziale Technologie” Social Presencing Theater (SPT) bringt Körperwahrnehmung, Gruppenintelligenz und sozialer Veränderung zusammen. SPT erweitert die Wahrnehmung auf ein soziales Gefüge, indem es unser Bewusstsein von der Handlung auf den Körper und sein tiefes Wissen lenkt. Während der 3 Sessions im Herbst praktizieren wir insgesamt alle 8 Grundformen des SPT.…

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1906_SPT_PracticeDays Berlin

Social Presencing Theater Practice – Summer*19

We are back with Social Presencing Theater Sessions in Berlin. We plan to practice three times over the next months outdoors in Treptower Park. 19th of June 15th of July 15th of August from 6 to 9 pm! Sign up via Meet-Up or email.   About Social Presencing Theater (SPT) SPT is an art form…

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Article: On Power, Words and Disarming

On Power, Words and Disarming How to release people and not fuck them up forever. * written by Manuela Bosch, co-edited by Ruth Cross April 13, 2018 “It is complicated” I hear people saying about relationships. This probably means we cannot use common sense anymore to understand the other’s behavior and we don’t seem to…

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kfebw14_spt_anne-oschatz-02 Kopie_banner

The Articulating Body – Experiments on De-configuring Reactionary Anaesthesia

I feel very honored to host a Social Presencing Theater session in Bergen, Norway next week within Berit Fischers’ Radical Empathy Lab – an academic-art-activism-project. ** The Articulating Body – Experiments on De-configuring Reactionary Anaesthesia is the third iteration of the Radical Empathy Lab (REL), founded by freelance curator Berit Fischer as part of her…

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Application for Spring 2019 Incubators

Together with Naomi Joy Smith, Huge Sven Kutz and Peter Wolff, we running a new round of Collaboration Incubators again in 2019. Application for the Spring series in Berlin and San Francisco is still possible. Many well-intentioned teams struggle to recognize, much less overcome, communication patterns that erode trust, add resentment, and impede cooperation. It…

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