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Article: Vision Quest and the Role of Nature

VISION QUEST The role of nature in supporting personal transitions by Manuela Bosch   *                                                                                                                           In the course of a lifetime, people have to cope with different transitions between life stages and social conditions, for example: from childhood to adulthood, being single to being in a partnership, between traveling from one place and arriving…

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Dragon Dreaming Intro am 13. April in Berlin

Und bald schon steht das nächstes FACILITATE CHANGE-Event an: Eine Einführung in die Facilitation-Methode Dragon Dreaming mit mir! Du kannst Dir auf EVENTBRITE Dein Ticket sichern.    


Social Presencing Theater Berlin Practice Days

Join our meet-up group to keep up to date about SPT practice day events in Berlin in Spring and Fall.      


Vision Quest 2018

Es gibt dieses Jahr wieder eine Betula & Mamabuche Visionssuche in Klein Hundorf, geführt durch Manuela Bosch, Schwitzhütte und Gebetstanz mit Dana Richter und Unterstützt vom Betula & Mamabuche Stamm. MEHR ERFAHREN HIER geht es zu einem Artikel über Visionssuche und die Rolle der Natur   //eng This year there will be again a Betula…

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Arunachala Team Retreat 2019 | South India

After our successful prototype of Around Arunachala in February 2018, it turns out that this is the ideal excursion for existing small teams of 3 to 5 people to go through an extraordinary nourishing, consciousness expanding experience together and to retreat in the original sense of the term = to seek spiritual sanctuary in a…

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Collaboration Incubator

MAY 11-13 & OCTOBER 5-7 – BERLIN, GERMANY JUNE 15-17 & OCTOBER 26-28 – SAN FRANCISCO, USA *** // 3-DAYS TO… Improve your leadership skills Collaborate better Connect with likeminds Clarify your path in the Service of the Earth and Humanity *** // 3-DAYS FOR… Community organizers, interested to learn methods to include diverse cultural…

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Article: Coming out | Dragon Dreaming Practitioner

I am so super happy to announce Vanilla Way’s new program within the field of collaboration research, networking and life-long learning: . The Dragon Dreaming Collaboration Incubator. . This series of practitioner workshops is the results from almost 7 years of field work of applying, testing, teaching, researching and further developing the so-called “Dragon Dreaming”…

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Betula & Mamabuche Vision Quest, Northern Germany, 2017

INTENTION WORK & VISION QUEST 4 days and 4 nights, solo, fasting, inside in mother nature. Intention-work and accompanied solo-ritual for a transition and initiation into a new cycle in life and the power of the vision. 26.7.-2.8.2017 Klein Hundorf, Mecklenburg, Germany Guided by Manuela Bosch & Friends Download PDF of Program english & german…

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Around Arunachala – India Excursion 2018

Arunachala is calling! 12th to 23rd of February 2018 Invitation to a joint expedition to a place of transformative power, the mountain Arunachala in South India. Around Arunachala is a vision of going on a journey together in a group of friends and likeminded people. We like to invite you to a place that calls us…

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Collective Presencing Walk in Tiergarten, Berlin

Inspired by Social Presencing Theater and shamanic Medicine Walk, we will spend together one afternoon between old trees in the Tiergarten Park Berlin.On our collective journey through the woods we will be, walking, resting, co-creating and experiencing our own body and the „group body“ through forms of non-verbal and mindful verbal communication and connect with…

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