embodied writing in relational homes – a Social Presencing Theater based practice


_About this Course

The art form and social technology Social Presencing Theater (SPT) brings together embodiment and mindfulness with group intelligence, systemic / social change with creative expression. SPT expands perception to a social fabric by directing our consciousness from action to the body and its deep knowledge. Advanced SPT practitioners, Manuela Bosch and Ruth Cross, draw on SPT whilst weaving their own unique inquiries into the mix. 
Manuela Bosch invites us to re-discover the relationship to the non-human beings in our homes, our plants, furniture, and floors… everyone who is there and we feel invited to connect. The experimental awareness and movement practice invites you to discover your love and affection to these co-inhabitants, and to step into an equal relationship with them, filled with love and joy.

Ruth Cross offers a taster of her current research in writing through body awareness (embodied writing). Focusing on spaciousness, observation and intuition, she will guide SPT movement exercises that bring awareness of how deep thinking starts in the body and moves through us onto the paper. We will work between movement and writing, both individually and collectively across the social field. 

About SPT: https://arawanahayashi.com/SPT.html


_For whom is this?

For people with a systemic view on social change, who are open to experiments and self-exploration, for whom embodiment is not a new concept and who enjoy to explore the advantage of doing this online. You do not need to have any previous experience in SPT at all, experienced practitioners we’ll be orienting you.

We intent to create an inclusive space. We are welcoming people with different looks and different opinions and expect from everyone to maintain mutual respect.

    10th of November, 19:00-21:30pm CET

    17th of November, 19:00-21:30pm CET

    24th of November, 19:00-21:30pm CET
_Technical requirements:

computer with microphone (or wireless headset), camera, and a quiet space where you can move (minimum 3x3m)



English (German and Spanish translation of key-terms possible)
_Course fee

Sliding scale, Euros: 120,- , 110,- 100,- 90,- 

Incl. taxes. Excluding optional fee for Dandelion.earth, that we recommend.

If you cannot participate for financial reasons, please contact us and we will find a solution together. 



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_Manuela Bosch is a Berlin, Germany based facilitator and guide for transformational experiences in groups, organizations and individuals. She works with various unconventional techniques that include body, consciousness and nature. She has been part of the SPT Advance Training Program in Rosendale NY from 2016 to 2017. Manuela will facilitate the sessions.www.manuelabosch.de

_Ruth Cross (Spain) is co-founder of Eroles Project learning for action centre, and Asociación La Bolina, an intercultural initiative to regenerate land and community with migrants and refugees. She is doing a fellowship with the Schumacher Society Research in Action community, inquiring into ‘thinking with the body and embodied writing’. She is a member of the international Delicate Activism community and of cross-border social arts network, ImaginAction. Ruth was part of the SPT Advance Training Program in Rosendale NY from 2017 to 2018. https://ruthcross.wixsite.com/here-now


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