Gravity is my Lover @ Touch & Play festival – 28.8.- 3.9.


this summer benjamin lee martin and i will be sharing our embodied sensuality &  nature research from the last 2 years for the very first time. Born from a common love & curiosity for embodied sensuality, erotic energetics & the shared  pleasure of cross-pollinating traditional wisdoms with contemporary practices to find new possibilities of transformation, transgression & transmutation:


Gravity is my Lover is a journey into pleasure.
We invite to: Slow Presencing: Arriving gently and slowly to presence,  explore self-awareness within the social field (inspired by Social Presenting Theatre). Earth Embracing: Letting go to be embraced by earths natural pull to follow our bodies pleasure in a horizontal slow(motion) gravity-massage & earth grinding. (principles of Blissbody). Nature Lovers: Find your natural desires in flirting with the wind,  caressing leaves, making love to trees,  seducing water-drops or massaging rocks. (Sensuality, Medicine & Rock & Roll)


Join us at Touch & Play to experience Gravity is my Lover and many other new practices at the intersection of Dance and Intimacy.

August 28th – September 3rd
Nature Community, South Germany

Contact Dance, Somatics, Nature, Conscious Sexuality, Boundaries, Consent & Power, Inclusivity

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