Article: No short-cut to get to trust


We learned in the 2018 Collaboration Incubators the different levels of trust and how tricky it is to bring them together in a group!
We learned the value of speaking our deep desires, how desperately we failed, and at the same time wildly succeeded.

We recently accomplished two more Collaboration Incubators – social experiments for incubating collaborations between people who support a shared vision around global grassroots democracy.

Our challenge: Complexity! To deal with innumerable indefinite denominators, in a short time, to work on the puzzle of global societal challenges. Doing this with a group that does not know each other, and does not have a shared understanding of global grassroots democracy, yet. In this short period of time; We aim to connect, learn new methods, train our facilitation skills and come up with a vision and strategy. One topic that stuck out was trust. To collaborate in moments of gross uncertainty and ignorance we need trust. There’s just no way around it.

In the recent Incubator in Oakland, we learned there are different levels of trust:
a basic level: I trust my life is safe, I will not get killed.
a primal level: I trust nobody will steal my things
a personal level: I share something private and I trust it won’t get used against me
a emotional level: I trust others are sensitive, when I share something of emotional importance
and a level of sharing deep desires: I make myself vulnerable, and I trust I won’t get hurt.
– that last level is very interesting.

When I keep my desires for myself, I might reduce my chance for sustainable satisfaction. I am easier to manipulate here. There are greater chances becoming controlled by sex, drugs,… presidential candidates – by everything promising fast, discrete satisfaction.

During Collaboration Incubators, when we are working on our vision around collaboration for societal change, we ask “What do you personally need to see coming true, so you’ll be able to be motivated sharing ownership for this project until it’s done?”
Our background, where and how I’ve been raised, what I’ve experienced in my life might, will influence how open I am to share my actual needs and dreams with other people. So in the diverse groups on this planet, and same in our micro-democracy during the Collaboration Incubator, it’s an indescribable crucial factor to consider that not everybody is capable to step right into sharing with a group of strangers their actual hopes and dreams.

On the other hand, in order to set-free creativity and leadership potential, one critical factor might be, that I need to have my basic needs met first, before being able taking on such big tasks. The individual “leadership capacity” is one of the critical factors when daring to organize around the biggest challenge of our time: To make it, on this planet, all together.So speaking about trust, I think during our recent Incubators we’ve unspeakably failed in this and at the same time legendary succeeded.

At times we’ve outspokenly suffered from not trusting. We got exhausted from not knowing what our democratically decided direction shall become, and in the Berlin Incubator we’ve even “lost” people presenting minorities on the way.

I am glad we can also say, we’ve managed. We were going through times of extreme discomfort together without breaking up. Many of us bonded deeply with previous strangers. We were able to take away essentials for helping our local change work grow, and some of us will continue to work on a big shared vision and network weaving.

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