On effortlessness and your big life-project


when you begin to understand what your big project is in life, time suddenly expands. then, focussing just on a few sub-projects doesn’t feel like sacrificing one thing over another. you know how things are connected. you know you are supporting your overall project by doing less, but that what you do full hearted, fully inspired.

and if you find ways to work on this big overall project with others, you can relax even more. you can focuss on one part of the whole and you know and trust, others will focus on the other parts. because you know you share the same purpose and vision, and you agreed on mutual suppot.

what I can offer to support individuals in this quest:

Aug 29-Sept 5 | Vision Quest, Klein Hundorf
Oct 5-7 |Collaboration Incubator, Berlin
Oct 26-28 | Collaboration Incubator, San Francisco
I also offer one on one guidance with support of the Dragon Dreaming framework. Ask me about this.

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