Social Presencing Theater Practice Sessions – Spring*19


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Die Kunstform und “Soziale Technologie” Social Presencing Theater (SPT) bringt Körperwahrnehmung, Gruppenintelligenz und sozialer Veränderung zusammen. SPT erweitert die Wahrnehmung auf ein soziales Gefüge, indem es unser Bewusstsein von der Handlung auf den Körper und sein tiefes Wissen lenkt.

Mehr über SPT:

Aktuelle Termine:

16:00 Uhr 19:00 Uhr

Nest @ MOOS.
Moosdorfstr. 7-9, 12435 (S-Treptower Park)
Eingang durch den Innenhof, Treppe hinten rechts, 2. Stock, linke Seite

Englisch / Deutsch

Finanzieller Beitrag:
20,- bis 25,- Euro

Via Meetup

Bitte mitbringen:
Ein Notizbuch und ein Stift
Bequeme Kleidung in Schichten – stay warm!
Vielleicht eine Decke oder ein Kissen zum Sitzen/Liegen
Eine Flasche Wasser und vielleicht einen Snack.

Über die Facilitatorin:
Manuela Bosch arbeitet als Facilitatorin und leitet transformative Erfahrungen in Gruppen, Organisationen und Einzelpersonen. Sie arbeitet mit verschiedenen unkonventionellen Techniken, die Körper, Bewusstsein und Natur umfassen. Seit 2015 praktiziert sie SPT. Sie war von 2016 bis 2017 Teil des SPT Advance Training Program in Rosendale NY.

Für wen sind die Sessions geeignet?
Für Menschen mit systemischer Sicht auf den sozialen Wandel, die offen sind für Experimente und Selbstforschung. Du musst keine Vorerfahrung im SPZ haben. Falls du Praktizierende(r) bist, möchtest Du den Inhalt der Sessions evtl. mitgehalten. Unser Ziel ist die Einbeziehung von Menschen unterschiedlicher Hautfarbe, nationaler Herkunft, Geschlecht, sexueller Orientierung, ethnischer Zugehörigkeit, Alter, Fähigkeiten usw. Kontaktiere uns, falls Du Dir nicht sicher bist, ob dies für Dich ist.


About Social Presencing Theater (SPT) 

SPT is an art form and “social technique” that combines body awareness with group intelligence and brings social change together with creative expression. SPT expands perception to a social fabric by directing our consciousness from the action to the body and its deep knowledge.

An essential concept in Social Presencing Theater is the so called „Ma“, the space between. We describe it, i.e. like a drinking glass: what you see from a glass is the part that bursts when it falls down, but what makes a glass is the empty space between. Or like a door: you see the frame, but the empty space between is what actually matters. Between humans it’s the way of relating and communicating, what is said „between the lines“. It’s what is hard to describe and actually matters.

In SPT we experience Ma and what can emerge from it through simple awareness based body exercises and more advanced constellations of systems. The effect of letting things be generated from Ma, is that it leads you to what wants naturally to happen, not what you think should happen. You start to listen to and learn from your stucks situations in life by noticing your body in the present moment and in relation to others. In that way things can fall naturally into place, without hard thinking. Practiced in organization and social movements, it can help more constructive collective things to happen, without developing strategic plans top down or in core.

More about the origins of the art form in an interview with founder Arawana Hayashi in the Video here and on the web. SPT is part of Theory U, a world wide practice and meta-framework for social transformation and innovation. It has been developed at the Presencing Institute at the MIT and is reaching thousands through a Massiven Open Online Courses and other programs.



16:00 am 19:00 pm

Nest @ MOOS.
Moosdorfstr. 7-9, 12435 (S-Treptower Park)
entrance through inner yeard, staircase in right corner, 2nd floor, left side

english / german

Financial contribution:
20,- to 25,- Euros sliding scale

Via Meetup

Please bring:
A journal/notebook and a pen
Comfortable clothes in layers – stay warm!
A bottle of water and maybe a snack

About the Facilitator:
Manuela Bosch is a facilitator and guide for transformational experiences in groups, organizations and individuals. She works with various unconventional techniques that include body, consciousness and nature, and connects them to social movement building and digital organizing. Since 2015 she has been practicing SPT. She has been part of the SPT Advance Training Program in Rosendale NY from 2016 to 2017. Check out this video here.

For Whom is this?
People with systemic view on social change, who are open to social experiments and self inquiry. It’s helpful to have some background in either. You do not need to know Social Presencing Theater already. If you are a practicioner already, you are welcome to co-facilitate. We aim for inclusion of people of different race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or (dis)ability. Ask if you are unsure if this is for you.

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