The Articulating Body – Experiments on De-configuring Reactionary Anaesthesia

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I feel very honored to host a Social Presencing Theater session in Bergen, Norway next week within Berit Fischers’ Radical Empathy Lab – an academic-art-activism-project.

The Articulating Body – Experiments on De-configuring Reactionary Anaesthesia is the third iteration of the Radical Empathy Lab (REL), founded by freelance curator Berit Fischer as part of her practice based PhD research at the Winchester School of Art/Southampton University, UK.

REL is an on-going research laboratory that moves through time and place as a question, a slogan, an intervention, as situations, actions, as encounter and as place that allow the laboratory to explore how the curatorial can activate a micropolitical and holistic making of social empathy as an approach on post-representational curation. REL aims to experiment with transdisciplinary embodied/somatic advances for creating critical consciousness in which the cognitive reciprocally intertwines with the non-semiotic, the sensual and experiential. REL moves from singularity to collective activity and investigates the relation between micro and macro dimensions of agency, as practices of freedom, self-empowerment that decolonize and de-subjectivate the (social) body and its relationality to the Other.

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