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About Manuela Bosch

I am integrating project-management with mindfulness based leadership and blend it with knowledge around self-organization and change processes.
I am applying this in Workshop-Moderation, Change-Process-Design, Facilitation, Conception, Vision-, Mission-, Brand-Design, Team Communication, Organizational Development, Community Building, Leadership Workshops, Incubators.
In that way I helped developing around 70 collaborative teams over the past 8 years and reached hundreds of founders, leaders and seekers in workshops and retreats.

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Inspiration and Knowledge – she has been facilitating over 70 organisations and community projects since 2010. Her current work is generated from and based on wisdom and methods from Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Theory U & Social Presencing Theater, Contact Dance, Meditation and Nature-Rituals. Her foundation is build upon Business Studies and five yeas of work experience in Creative Agencies, designing and managing Global Brands and Campaigns

Curriculum Vitae

2017 Member of Evolutionary Leaders Community

2017 Member and Employee of SmartDe.org Coop

2016 – 2017 Participation in the Social Presencing Theater Advanced Training in Rosendale, NY, USA

since 2015 co-founder of Betula & Mamabuche Retreats, in Klein Hundorf, Northern Germany

2012 – 2015 
Start-up Consulting and Training in programs to strengthen socio-economical development in eastern Germany; training formerly unemployed business founders; running pre-assessments for a start-up incubator for Social Impact gGmbH

2014-2017 Community and Organisational Development, Board Member at Thinkfarm Berlin, a transformation focussed co-working space thinkfarm.org

2011 – 2014
 Trainings for sustainable project design and community building, Co-founding of the Berlin and the international Dragon Dreaming Empty Centered Organisation

2012 Dragon Dreaming Project Design Trainer Training in Upper Austria,

since 2010
co-founding of Vanilla Way Change Agency Network

2010 and 2012 
journeys through India and Latin-America, learning Yoga & Meditation practices

2007 – 2009
 Account manager for international creative network agency TBWA Berlin, für apple & Absolut Vodka

2006 – 2007
Junior consultant at Ad and PR Agency Scholz & Friends

 Junior consultant at creative-agency plantage


2000 – 2004
 FH Neu-Ulm: Business studies with emphasis on Marketing and Sales, Diploma in Business Administration

Look deep into the nature and you will understand everything better

— Albert Einstein —



Orient vision (spirit), relationships (heart) and projects (earth).

The overall purpose of my work is supporting individuals and groups in their quest of seeking alignment in what they


love and


Technology for just being – Social Presencing Theater

– These following words came to me after a Dragon Dreaming inspired workshop from a participant. They are a a true gift. The story incredibly touches me. It gives me trust and hope moving forward with my work. –

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Dear Manu,

So much gratitude for you, for coming to spend a weekend with our circle.  For me that time together was so rich with expansion and awareness it is still being integrated.  Even today I am recognizing the power of the experience in new ways.  As I continue to integrate the experience and deepen my understanding I recognize more of my value.  In doing so the gifts I offer grow in value as well.

Dragon Dreaming asked me to recognize my dread of gift giving. The expectation of having a gift to give makes my stomach tighten with memory of disappointment in the other when they receive my unworthy offering.  When considering in June what to give you as a gift this anxiety arose again.  When I asked myself what I was to offer you no thing came to my mind.  Instead these words kept running thru me: your gift to Manu has not arrived.

I did not know what that meant, and so I dismissed this, searching for an object to offer you.  When the time came to offer you a gift, I realized the intended object would not do.  Paralyzed with doubt and indecision, I tried writing to sort out my response, only to have the rhythm of “my gift to you is words unspoken, songs unsung, for I cannot give it to you until I become” flow thru the pen.  Frustrated, I realized my pocket stone was the only thing of me I had to offer.  This stone, with the whale, had been given to me by my mother as I went on a  journey into adulthood.  It has flown over two oceans and swam in many rivers.  With it I have journeyed thru different cultures, and it carries a piece of my heart.

I am still some what amazed I offered you that stone, for much of my soul has bonded with it.  That I was able to pass it to you reveals a deep and ancient trust for you carried in my soul.  This trust marks the sacredness of your journey.  My inability to call you by Manuela, but easily by Manu, has also captured my attention. The reason for this, as well a piece of your story, was revealed to me at a festival I recently attended.  These words wish to be shared with you, inspired by my encounter with a Michael Meade workshop:

Exploring the lay of the land at the festival, a gathering of people caught my attention.  They were listening to a man speaking, and as I sat down he began a talk about Manu, the great whale, keeper of the records.  There was a fish, you see, being chased by larger fish.  With great love and compassion the hand reached out and scooped up the tiny fish, saving it from destruction.  Now the hand is holding this fish who is out of water, not able to care for itself.  The hand realizes its actions are responsible for this situation, and goes about looking for ways to  provide for the fish.  Thru loving attention the hand learns to successfully care for the fish, so much so the fish begins to grow in size.  Now the hand has a bigger fish to provide for, and becomes even more devoted to the care of this fish now living on the land.  Out of such deep love the hand does more and more to provide food and shelter for the fish, until the fish grows so large nothing more can be done.  The hand cannot keep the fish alive on land, so the hand returns the fish to the sea, the home from which he was taken so very many years ago.  The giant fish, now larger than anything else in the ocean, swims off with ease.  The fish lives a long and peaceful life, carrying with it the vibration of love and understanding received from the hand, and the memories and stories from every experience of all life.

The fish is named Manu.

Manu is the key to the revolution of humankind, the turning around, the coming back to the ocean.  Our return to spirit, to a perspective of abundance, is guided by Manu’s story telling.  This creature who has received such love – for the hand was acting out of love, with joyful creativity and exploration, never feeling the burden of the task – carries that vibration of abundance, of receiving and releasing, of allowing flow to occur.

The hand never felt burdened by the task of caring for Manu.

The fish was seen through the eyes of love, seen with the perspective of unity, and an honoring of all ways.  This is the vibration of the fish, the vibration carried thru the fabric of all the stories Manu weaves.
Manu was also the bridge from the way of life in the water to the way of life on the land, and will show the path to unity and honoring of all life, of all ways.

Manu, who is walking a shamanic path, I offer you my definition of your power, your gift to the community.

You, Manu, are a keeper of the sacred way, the way of love.  The rock that I carried with me for so many years is released to you, that you may feel the power of the ocean, the deep knowing of the experience of others, and the witnessing of that experience thru loving eyes and open heart.  You can see the power held by those who come to you, and with gentle and powerful love are able to guide them for a step or two on their journey as they claim their power, and create their path of alignment with themselves.  You are one who is here to help us find our way in these times as we shift from this culture and embrace a new paradigm. You are reinventing the ways we learn and express ourselves, while revealing a culture of love and harmony.  The way is already written in your bones.  The way is being sung by your heart.

August 18, 2016



Connect on a deeper level with the body of a group.
Experience the greater we.
Learning again and again what collaboration means and takes. do.


  1. build community
  2. simplify your life
  3. maximize creativity, to find new solutions
  4. be authentic, in everything you think, say and do
  5. preserve wisdom and culture
  6. integrate matter and spirit
  7. work on projects that support the other six

The Art of Facilitating Dragon Dreaming




Get inspired by nature about organising change effectively.
Building chaordic empty-centered organization upon purpose and principles of a community.
Be fascinated about the power of our global-social-net and supportive IT- and social-technologies.

Dragon Dreaming Principles:

Personal Growth
Community Building
Service to the Earth

Dragon Dreaming Project Design – a meta-framework to build community and facilitate change


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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry —


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