•  people and project and vision aligned

  • building and reconnecting community spirit

  • Create and hold space for cooperation












About Manuela Bosch

I am designing, guiding and supervising processes for and between people and their visions by integrating mindfulness based leadership with project-management and knowledge around self-managed teams and change processes.
I am applying this in facilitating Retreats, Workshops, Consulting, Incubators, Rituals, Vision-, Mission-, Brand-Design, Entrepreneurship, Team Communication, Community Building – in offices, in nature and in digital environments.
I bring 13 years of experience in consulting and project management, helped around 80 cooperative teams with Dragon Dreaming inspired facilitation over the past 9 years and reached hundreds of founders, leaders and seekers through workshops and retreats.

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Inspiration and Knowledge – Dragon Dreaming project design, Theory U & Social Presencing Theater and many other self-governance concepts are forming basis for facilitation and organizational development work. Commons, Peer2Peer and Platform Cooperativism are guiding movements. Kundalini, Hata & Yin Yoga, various forms of meditation, Shamanic work like passage rites, counciling & singing, a consciousness of non-duality inspired by Raman Maharshi, and various forms of movement and bodywork are building a spiritual foundation. Diploma in Business Studies, various internships in traditional corporate settings and five years of work experience in creative agencies, for designing and managing global brands and campaigns for eg Apple computers and Absout Vodka, add to Manuelas’ scope of experience.

Project Reference List

Curriculum Vitae

2018 Co-initiation of Collaboration Incubator program, Berlin and CA

2017 Member of Evolutionary Leaders Community, CA, US

2016 – 2017 Dragon Dreaming workshops in collaboration with Reinvent the World, NY, US

2017 Member and Employee of SmartDe.org Coop, Berlin

2016 – 2017 Social Presencing Theater Advanced Training in Rosendale, NY, USA

2015 Co-initiation of Betula & Mamabuche, Contemporary Shamanism, in Klein Hundorf, Germany

2012 – 2015 
Start-up Consulting and Training for Social Impact gGmbH, Berlin

2016 – 2017  Board Member at co-working space Thinkfarm Berlin

2014 – 2017 Founding member co-working space Thinkfarm Berlin

2011 Co-founding of the international and Berlin local Dragon Dreaming empty centered organisation

2012 Dragon Dreaming Project Design Trainer Training in Upper Austria

 Co-founding of Vanilla Way Change Agency Network

2010 and 2012 Learning Yoga & Meditation practices, 
journeys through India and Latin-America

2007 – 2009
 Account manager for global network agency TBWA, for Apple computers & Absolut Vodka, Berlin

2006 – 2007
Junior consultant at Ad and PR Agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin

 Junior consultant at creative-agency plantage, Berlin

2005 Internship at creative-agency Aimaq Rapp Stolle, Berlin


2000 – 2004
 FH Neu-Ulm: Business studies with focus on Marketing, Sales and Accounting, Diploma in Business Administration




“Words that inspire me to Manuela’s work style: respectful, breathing, holds the main thread, believes in the advancement that one senses and helps, goal-oriented, grounded, feedback-guided, value-free.” M.L.

“We have experienced beautiful surprises in creative ways of collaboration.” H.J. 

“An interpersonal conflict has been resolved, which was a burden for the group very much. No one wanted to work with the topic before, but Manuela guided us safely (with new methods for us). She has kept the room well and at the right moment set breaks or even ended processes.” Nina Keller, Loose 7

“We have quickly achieved something good, which still exists today. Sustainability!” Solveig Opfermann, Perspektive Oderberg

“Manuela Bosch manages to support one in formulating what is really important to one. Tracking the right goal is a great help if you start a new venture. Then the big adventure feels safe and right.” F.A.

“In addition to the practical goals that were achieved, there were also valuable personal insights that were not “on the agenda” for me.” S.H.

“If you like to get to the heart of your project quickly, do it with Manuela.” Solveig Opfermann, Perspektive Oderberg


“In einer Phase des Wandels konnte Manuela helfen, in unserer Gemeinschaft Klarheit und Ausrichtung herzustellen. Ihre wache Einfühlung, Wissen und Erfahrung; die Mischung aus Pragmatismus und Intuition waren uns eine starke Unterstützung.” Peter Jahn
“Wir haben mit Manuela einen Dragon Dreaming-Workshop für uns als Führungsteam durchgeführt. Wir konnten in der Zeit nicht nur einige wichtige persönliche Fragen klären, sondern vor allem auch eine gemeinsame Vision für unsere weitere Zusammenarbeit entwickelt. Manuela hat uns sehr gut durch diesen gesamten Prozess gelenkt.” Ela Kagel, Supermarkt Berlin

Look deep into the nature and you will understand everything better  

— Albert Einstein —



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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry —


I'd be happy to hear from you. Feel free to drop a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Manuela Bosch
Ph : +49 177 3722580
Email : manuela[at]vanillaway.net

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