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Complex and dynamic projects and organizations require approaches in leadership and governance that are integrating human nature and systems thinking, with new organizational structures and technology.

Manuela is supporting leaders, teams and organizations in bringing forward a shared vision, realizing their collective leadership capacities, and in developing their economic features.

Her consulting, training and facilitation work is informed by methods for innovation and team-organization, embodiment and self-realization practices, digital tools, and from being a founder and member of diverse collaborative projects herself.


My facilitation & consulting services focus on integrating:


I facilitate the emergence of collective vision & values, creating space for honest group-communication, crystallizing purpose & principles, enabling fast failing and learning through prototyping and community building by the art of celebration.

In settings like offices, seminar-rooms and if possible outdoor, we talk and write, and we use paper and notes, to structure ideas, and receive insights through using our minds and words, but also our hands, bodies and all of our creativity.

I work with the following methodologies and approaches:
Dragon Dreaming
Practical and holistic process for collaborative project design and community building.
Social Presencing Theater
A practice based on mindfulness and embodiment to gain insight into systemic leadership challenges within groups and organizations.
A way to address difficult issues in groups, for conflict transformation and collective learning.
Collective Vision & Mission
Design and implementation of tailor-made workshops, to realize the vision and mission for your project/organization.
Collaborative Strategy-Planning
Design and implementation of a participative planning process in workshops/with support of online-tools.
Vision and insight processes with and in nature, for individuals and groups.
Using surveys in creative ways to crystallize and make visible a groups/organizations potential and vision.
Collaboration Incubators
Deep networking, practice facilitation, and training in collaboration within complex group dynamics.
Organizational Development
Advice on cooperative organizational and decision-making structures, taking into account legal and financial issues.

I design sessions & workshops, according to your organisations’ context. I deliver my services if various forms: within a 1-1,5 hour video or phone call, a 2-3-hour workshop online or in person, or a 1-3-day off-site seminar. Colleagues from the Vanilla Way network are available, if extra skillsets and capacity is needed. My service can be funded up to 50%/75% within the german BAFA business-consulting-grant.






“With a lot of trust and awareness in the group, paired with efficiency and the corresponding drive for action, the workshop was an enriching process for our orchestra, which now motivates us to go on.”

Juri de Marco, Director Stegreif Orchestra, Selfmanaged Collective


“An interpersonal conflict has been resolved, which was a burden for the group very much. No one wanted to work with the topic before, but Manuela guided us safely (with new methods for us). She has kept the room well and at the right moment set breaks or even ended processes.”

Nina Keller, Loose 7, Intentional Community


“Words that inspire me to Manuela’s work style: respectful, breathing, holds the main thread, believes in the advancement that one senses and helps, goal-oriented, grounded, feedback-guided, value-free.”

Miriam Landsberg, Systemic Bodytherapist


“In addition to the practical goals that were achieved, there were also valuable personal insights that were not “on the agenda” for me.”

Sabine Helmer, Founder Café Hier & Jetzt, Conscious Community Café and Event-Space


“We ran a Dragon Dreaming workshop with Manuela for our management team. We were not only able to clarify some important personal questions, but also to develop a common vision for our future cooperation. Manuela guided us very well through this whole process.”

Ela Kagel, Co-Founder Supermarkt Berlin, Project Space for Digital Culture and Alternative Economies


“If you like to get to the heart of your project quickly, do it with Manuela.”

Solveig Opfermann, Perspektive Oderberg, Civic Movement

About Manuela Bosch

I bring 14 years of experience in consulting and project-coordination. Over the past 9 years I worked with over 90 teams, organizations and communities, and I reached hundreds of individuals in trainings and retreats.

The projects and people I support are embodied as local communities, leadership teams and virtual networks – in corporate, institutional as well as informal, distributed and cooperative structures.

What they all have in common is to make a contribution to societal change, and to start with themselves, by putting community and purpose into the center of their organization.

The main frameworks I am known for are Dragon Dreaming, Social Presencing Theater and Collaboration Incubators. The latter I developed myself.

I am sharing my knowledge through Consulting and Facilitation, at Sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Conferences – in offices, in nature and in virtual environments.


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Inspiration and Knowledge – Dragon Dreaming project design, Theory U & Social Presencing Theater, Sociocracy and many other self-governance concepts are forming basis for facilitation and organizational development work. Commons, Peer2Peer, DAOs and Platform Cooperativism are guiding movements. Kundalini, Hata & Yin Yoga, various forms of meditation, shamanistic work like passage rites, counceling & singing, self-inquiry (Ramana Maharshi), and various forms of movement and bodywork are building a spiritual foundation. Diploma in Business Studies, various internships in traditional corporate settings and five years of work experience in creative agencies, for designing and managing global brands and campaigns for example Apple computers and Absolut Vodka, add to my scope of experience.

Project Reference List

Curriculum Vitae

2018 – 2019 Co-founder of Collaboration Incubators, Berlin and CA

2017 Member of Evolutionary Leaders Community, CA, US

2016 – 2017 Dragon Dreaming workshops in collaboration with Reinvent the World, NY, US

2017 Member and Employee of SmartDe.org Coop, Berlin

2016 – 2017 Social Presencing Theater Advanced Training in Rosendale, NY, USA

 Initiating Vanilla Way as Change Agency Network

2015 Co-initiation of Betula & Mamabuche, Contemporary Shamanism, in Klein Hundorf, Germany

2012 – 2015 
Start-up Consulting and Training for Social Impact gGmbH, Berlin

2016 – 2017 Board Member at co-working space Thinkfarm Berlin

2014 – 2017 Founding member co-working space Thinkfarm Berlin

2011 Co-founding of the international and Berlin local Dragon Dreaming empty centered organisation

2012 Dragon Dreaming Project Design Trainer Training in Upper Austria

 Founding of Vanilla Way Consultancy

2010 and 2012 Learning Yoga & Meditation practices, 
journeys through India and Latin-America

2007 – 2009
 Account manager for global network agency TBWA, for Apple computers & Absolut Vodka, Berlin

2006 – 2007
Junior consultant at Ad and PR Agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin

 Junior consultant at creative-agency plantage, Berlin

2005 Internship at creative-agency Aimaq Rapp Stolle, Berlin


2000 – 2004
 FH Neu-Ulm: Business studies with focus on Marketing, Sales and Accounting, Diploma in Business Administration

Look deep into the nature and you will understand everything better

— Albert Einstein —


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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry —


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